PS 002 You Know That It’s Real If You Feel That It’s Real by Neozaïre

Digital, Cassette

“A scorching sun in the cold of winter. Gazing into Hackney skies. Glances, soft impressions, a tune on repeat. Touching, ever so gently. It's still so wonderful to feel.“

Neozaïre's second EP – or call it a mini album – for Private Sphere is all about an euphoria-fuelled and emotionally charged introspective. Leaving the exotic and sun-soaked realms of its predecessor, the seven short chapters of this new EP draw the artist’s signature soundscapes and mood sculptures in front of an urban scenery – finely draped between stories of interpersonal intimacies, romantic passion and unquenched desire. “You Know That It’s Real …“ aims to provide the listener with contemplative balance and a quiet moment of escape from the fast-paced anxieties of the urban everyday, its seductive back streets and lurking emotional rollercoasters.