PS 003 Le Ciel by Neozaïre

Digital, Cassette, Magazine

The photo book “Le Ciel” is a collection of sky views over Marrakesh. The dramatical sequence of the images form the visual anchor point for the ambient artist Neozaïre, who associated a composition with each chapter as a sound-aesthetic reference.

The resulting tracks are composed of fragments of Moroccan folklore records and field recordings which were found on site. This principle of aesthetic referencing works in reverse as well: the abstract samples were alienated in the sound studio so that the overall tonal impression of the sound suitably complements the imagery.

The static images were also translated into a series of videos in order to synthetically re-create the changing images over the city. The parallel visual and auditory experience made possible this way allows Marrakesh to be perceived by the recipient as something that is no longer a concretely tangible place, but a distilled atmosphere, an intense sensory impression.